Meetup: Urban Edge

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A few weeks ago I helped organize a Meetup shoot. Sadly I spent more time organizing and helping other photographers than I did getting my own shots. The 13 shots below are the only evidence I have of a 3 hour event! They were all captured in the last 10 minutes. Regardless, it was a pleasure meeting new… Read more »


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On Saturday the MIT Club of Boston held its annual skating party. Here is a GIF I made from a short burst of images shot during the event. This marks my first time using Photoshop CS6’s animation/timeline functionality. Creating this was rather simple with the aid of a nice tutorial.  

Kristin & Jamon

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I had the pleasure of photographing my friends, and fellow MIT alumni, Kristin and Jamon. They have been together since meeting at our dorm, New House. It was great to catch up and joke with them throughout the shoot which, being at MIT, got nerdy at times.


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This Sunday I had the opportunity to work with my friend Shuhan on a shoot at MIT. Sitting on the banks of the Charles River, the MIT campus offers a wide variety of scenery, locations, and lighting conditions ranging from river-front to large corridors to large sunlit windows. It was for this reason that I… Read more »

State of Clinton

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I live! I have been quite busy and I’m here to tell you all about my wonderful experiences. Graduation It’s official! As of February 3, 2009 I am an MIT alum. I attended commencement ceremonies on June 5 and picked up my degree which is now somewhere in Dallas with my dad, forever waiting to… Read more »