My headshot package is simple. Each shoot lasts 1 hour. At the end of the shoot we will examine the images together and pick your 5 favorite images. These images will be retouched and delivered to you online via password-protected page. The fee for this service is $500.


I highly recommend hiring a makeup artist for your shoot. Why? No one has perfect skin, and all of those imperfections will be on display when you print your headshot or zoom in on a screen. Additionally, looking good helps you feel good; and, if you feel good, we are going to have a great shoot!


The package includes 5 retouched images. If you would like more images retouched, you can order them for $25 per image.


I prefer not to strong-arm my clients by charging for prints. Personally, I don’t like the idea of paying a sitting fee and being forced to pay a fee for prints or digital images. I offer prints; but, you do not have to purchase them. My one stipulation is that any image released must be retouched. This is both to protect my reputation as a quality photographer and to ensure that you do not end up with imperfect photographs circulating around the web, casting agencies, etc.


Ready to shoot? Great! Email I generally book shoots at least one week in advance; but, if you are in a crunch, I will do my best to accommodate you.


I am happy to sell prints and digital downloads of all non-client work. In other words I’m not going to sell your headshot to someone else, or vice-versa. Everything else is fair game! Email with the names/links of the image(s) you want to buy and the size(s), and I’ll respond with a quote.