Now that I’m moving from Dallas for the summer, I finally get to face what most interns face: finding housing. In Dallas, it was easy; I stayed at my own home and drove my own car. Now, I have to deal with apartments and car rentals which is not that great. I was referred by HP (more appropriately, a contractor) to an extended stay place. Guess how much they charge. Come on, guess. $67 per night. For those of you without calculators, that’s over $2000 per month. That’s a few house payments in Boston! It’s probably a whole house in Boise. So, I get to spend next week dealing with this crap. Moving on. Last Thursday was drop date here at MIT, the last day to drop classes. On this great day, Baker dormitory residents hoist a piano to the top of Baker and verify that gravity still exists. Here’s a video: Also, this week, I discovered Elvis. I never was a big fan, but I saw a clip from American Idol in which he (via CGI) performed a duet of “If I Can Dream” with Celine Dion. I really like the song. Here’s the video: Even better, here’s the original performance during Elvis’ ‘68 Comeback Special spliced with shots from another performance. Many folks who watched American Idol felt that Celine Dion’s performance detracted from that of Elvis. I agree; the original sounds better. You decide for yourself: That’s it. Good night, good morning, good bye.