I returned from New York City around 10 PM last night quite tired. I did not get much time to see the city, so I have no pictures. I had 5 interviews with Capital IQ that lasted pretty much all day from 10 AM to 3 PM. I was originally only interviewing for a software developer position, but after meeting the CTO (for my second interview) of the company he thought I might be a good fit for a database administration or design position as well, so I interviewed with folks from those groups. This was a strange experience. There were over 25 other interview candidates from other schools (RPI, University of Illinois, and others) but just 2 MIT students, and the 2 of us were seemingly singled out. We both had interviews throughout the day beginning at 10:30 AM, but some of the others did not start interviewing until 2 PM, and only had 1 or 2 interviews. It was a bit awkward – every time I left the room I heard folks whispering, “Didn’t he just have an interview?” The Hyatt Place and Marriott in Colorado Springs still top my list of favorite hotels. I stayed at the Wingate in Manhattan on this trip and while it was nice, it was not as nice as the others. Since I arrived in New York so late, I had no time to explore the city. A car took me from the airport to the hotel. I rode the Metro from the hotel to Wall Street, near Capital IQ. At the end of the day, the same car took me back to the airport. Throughout the day, even though I was on the 49th floor of a building, I still did not see the city due to the low cloud coverage. Perhaps on the next visit the weather will be better. Moving on, there were a couple of comments last week stating that I was discriminating in my header image against people of lighter skin tones (particularly my mother and my niece, Zoe). I am not discriminating against them; I happen to love them both. They were not there because I had no pictures of just me and them. As a compromise, I have modified the image to include a family picture which includes my mother. I still have no pictures of Zoe, and at less than 3 months old I doubt she will care.