So, I haven’t written here in a long time, so I figured I would reactivate the blog. I’ll start with an update of my travels and injuries. Injuries

  • Right wrist: still experiencing some pain from the bicycle fall a few weeks ago.

  • Right elbow: dodge ball injury from 2 weeks ago; I dove for a catch a fell on my arm; unfortunately I missed the catch.

  • Left foot: Another dodge ball injury from last night. Every time I ran to the line at the start of the game to get the ball, this guy kept stepping on my foot. Walking was difficult late last night and early this morning, but the pain is pretty much gone now.

Travels - Rhode Island: NSBE had a zone conference at the University of Rhode Island 2 weekends ago. There was a lot of rain and coldness, but we had fun.

  • Buffalo, NY: This weekend I’ll be in Buffalo for the NSBE fall regional conference. Hopefully it won’t be too cold. The 8 hour bus ride doesn’t seem all that appealing, either.

  • Accra, Ghana: I’ll probably be traveling to Africa again in January to continue my work with MIT OpenCourseWare. I’m still planning the trip now.

Everything ElseI had an interview with Microsoft this morning. I should hear back from them in a couple of weeks to see if I have an offer for a summer internship. I’m sure some of your jaws just dropped at that first statement. “What? Mr. DLP wants to leave?” Not really. I just thought it would be nice to try something new and different. If I spent all of my summers at Texas Instruments, how would I know what else is out in the world? I’ve been doing a lot of work with NSBE. In fact I made $2,500 in about 6 minutes yesterday by talking to a sponsor. That’s $25,000 an hour! Pretty nice. The e-board works very well together, so we’re getting a lot done. Our members, especially our freshmen, along with our sponsors have really uplifted and encouraged us to make this the best year ever for our chapter. I’m really enjoying being a part of the organization. Feel free to check out our website: Classes are going well. Signals and Systems is an interesting subject, going over AM and FM modulation schemes. It’s also pretty interesting to see just how simple the economy is in Macroeconomics. It’s amazing how a simple change in say government spending can result in increases in income and employment across the entire economy. I should be back in Dallas on November 20; I’ll be there until the morning of November 28, so I’ll plenty of time to spoil my niece. My family keeps calling me and placing her on the phone. She either screams, or stares at the mystical phone receiver that makes sounds. Funny kid. I’ve got a problem set to complete and a test to study for, so good night!