New Beginnings

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I am back from Ghana. You can find pictures on Flickr. I had a great time and especially enjoyed meeting the D-Lab community partners and working in the villages. Once again I was pointed out as the IT guru and helped out with a few computer issues. The administrator of the Methodist Hospital in Wenchi… Read more »


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Stuck in New York

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Apparently lightning does strike twice. Are the stars out of alignment? Do I have some bad karma? Why can’t I complete my trips without some crazy delay? Last time was Accra, now I’m stuck in New York.

Stuck in Ghana

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Unfortunately, my flight home has been delayed until Sunday. I arrived at the airport around 08:00 for my 09:45 flight today and I was turned away by airport security. The Delta supervisor on duty would not even listen to me long enough to hear me out. I was not the only person mistreated by Delta,… Read more »


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So, I have pictures of Tamale posted. No video this time. Like the rest of Ghana, there is a could of dust over Tamale, that blocks the sun and blends in with any clouds that might be in the sky. Consequently, the temperature is quite nice, and I don’t have to worry about staying in… Read more »

Mole National Park

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On Saturday, I woke up early to head to Mole National Park. I was promised that I would see lions, tigers, and elephants, but I only saw elephants (3 of them), antelope, a few baboons, and wild hogs. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. There really isn’t much to say about this… Read more »

The Crocodile Pond

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Straightaway, here’s the good stuff: “Crikey!”: A short video Photo Album Back to the chit-chat… The crocodile pond is located a short distance from the University of Development Studies’ Navrongo campus, so I simply had to stop by. It was pretty interesting to be so close to so many crocodiles, also pretty dangerous, but there… Read more »

University of Development Studies

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I spent the later half of last week and all of the weekend in Tamale, Ghana, a city to the north of Accra. I was the guest of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Development Studies (UDS). After we met in Accra on Wednesday, he was gracious enough to fly me up to visit the university, get OCW setup there, and talk with the faculty and students.

Day One: Into the Sewer

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I’ve just spent my first night in Ghana. The flight over seemed endless. I have never had the patience to complete Sudoku puzzles, but after 10 hours I developed patience and worked through a couple in the Sky magazine on the plane. I also met a woman who owns an art studio (she designs a lot of furniture) in Accra who suggested a few places to visit.