I went, I saw, I left. That pretty much describes my experience at Senior Ball. Basically it was just a bunch of my classmates standing around dancing, drinking, and talking. I can’t believe I paid $30 for that (on top of the $120 tuxedo rental). Perhaps I am an anomaly in my generation: drinking (you’ll recall my last experience with a drunk) and clubbing simply don’t appeal to me. I would much rather sit around and play a video game or watch a movie. Speaking of movies, did I mention that I’m taking a course (21L.011) about The Film Experience? It has totally ruined my movie watching experience. No longer can I simply watch a movie and enjoy it at face value. Now I analyze the montage and mise-en-scene, lighting, character development, etc. Ruined may not be the best term, but things definitely are not the same. In any case, here is a list of movies that we watched for class and I think are worth a watch when you’ve tired of the more recent releases:

These are just a few of those we watched, but my favorites. Check them out. Hopefully I can enjoy Iron Man on Friday without over-analyzing it.