• Trapeze at Sunset
    Trapeze at Sunset

I visited Los Angeles–for the first time since I was about about ten years old–a couple weeks ago. Having lived in Cambridge for the past eight years, and visiting my hometown of Dallas just a couple times each year, I had forgotten what it was like to be in a truly big city. Boston is just 90 square miles compared to Los Angeles’ 500 square miles. I miss the wide avenues and large stretches of land!

Since I was traveling on business, I didn’t have a lot of time to play tourist, but I did check out a few places (and event):

I was excited to learn, just before leaving Boston, that Maria Ciampa (of Awkward Yoga fame/infamy) moved to Los Angeles. I was able to meet up with her a  couple times for a comedy show and trapeze (to which she is now addicted). Below are a couple videos from our trapeze class:

Of course, I couldn’t travel across the country without bringing back a few pictures:


Finally, here is an amazing video by Colin Rich that features beautiful views of Los Angeles!