I bought a new camera a little over a month ago. It’s the entry-level DSLR from Cannon, the 500D/Rebel T1i. I’ve had a great time taking pictures of friends at various events and outings over the past month. Tom Ang’s book, Fundatmentals of Photography, has been a great reference manual. I actually read the entire book in January during my return flight from Ghana; one of my teammates brought it with her to read in preparation for a class in the spring semester. It’s a great reference with invaluable tips for the novice photographer. Pretty much every image you see on my Flickr profile from now on will be taken on the T1i; however, before I had the camera I took a snap of the Bunker Hill monument during my walk of the Freedom Trail. It just so happened that someone was looking for a picture for Schmap Guides and found mine. The picture was selected and is now a part of the online guide! Here are some of the photo sets I’ve taken:

  • Playing Tourist at MIT
    • My favorites include those shots of the young woman with the umbrella, especially this one.
  • Anagha’s Birthday Party
    • Shots from a friend’s birthday party at my old dorm, Sidney-Pacific
  • Haymarket
    • Shot’s from a trip with a few friends yesterday to Haymarket
  • Adrienne’s Lab
    • I haven’t been in a real lab since AP Biology/Chemistry in high school. It was great to go back; I even got to do a serial dilution!
  • What I Wear
    • I often try not to wear clothing with any branding for two reasons: (1) I don’t like advertising for companies, and (2) I would rather people focus on me and what I have to say or am doing rather than who I am wearing or how much my clothes cost. That being said, it is a bit ironic that I chose to make a photoset of nothing but the labels of the clothes I wear.

I’m looking for more lenses to play with. I can support Canon’s EF and EF-S lenses if you have any. By the way, isn’t Christmas coming up soon. Wouldn’t a new lens look great under my Christmas tree?