I am back in my dorm room recovering after completing the IronNerd for a second consecutive year. The event was similar to last year; although, my performance was a bit worse: I was nearly 2 minutes slower this year than last. To be fair, it was much colder and raining this year, while last year the weather was a bit more favorable. Either way I had a great time. Here are my results for both years:

Event 2007 2008
Swimming 6:36 6:41
Biking 11:08.99 12:53
Running 9:10.62 9:10
Total 26:55.61 28:44

Funny fact: After the race two people came up to me and told me how they learned about IronNerd from my blog post last year. Apparently, that post is the only MIT-related page that is returned by a search on Google for the term “ironnerd.” In other Clinton-related news, I am going to be one of six people featured on the OCW homepage. How cool is that!? They are not online, yet, but here’s a preview: Now, I need to get ready for Senior Ball. What’s the point of balls and proms? You get dressed up to go and eat with a roomful of people, many of whom you do not know, maybe dance and go home. I guess I’ll find out what all the fuss is about later this evening, if I can move by body enough to get into my tuxedo.