I have just returned from Colorado Springs, CO. On Friday I interviewed with Hewlett-Packard, and spent Saturday exploring the city. I visited the U.S. Olympic Training Center, but was unable to reach the summit of Pikes Peak due to high winds. Colorado Springs is a nice location and the work interests me, so starting my career there is definitely a possibility. While I did not get picture of the U.S. Olympic Training Complex, I did take pictures of the view from my window: I have never driven in snow, so I was a bit worried; but, Colorado Springs was prepared. Driving on the streets there in the snow was no worse than driving in rain; the snow immediately melted once it touched the ground. This weekend, besides being my sister’s birthday weekend, marked the beginning of a month of travel for me. Here is what I am looking forward to:

Dates Location Company/Event
Oct 19-22 Colorado Springs, CO Hewlett-Packard
Oct 25-27 New York City, NY Capital IQ
Nov 1-4   Hewlett-Packard
Nov 9-11 Framingham, MA NSBE Fall Regional Conference
Nov 21-25 Dallas, TX Thanksgiving

Starting a new career definitely has its perks: travel, lodging at great hotels, rental cars. In a way the experience is similar to when I was graduating from high school. All the colleges and universities were inviting me to events and programs on their campuses. Believe it, or not, I did not decide to attend MIT (instead of Rice University) until I visited MIT during Campus Preview Weekend. Finally, no travel story involving me is without a horror story of some sort. This time I was delayed in Colorado Springs for about 2 hours due to a collapsed strut on the landing gear and 1 hour in Denver for a different maintenance issue. Normally, I would be upset, but I guess I have just become accustomed to late flights, which is pretty sad for the airline industry. Luckily, COS has free WiFi so I was able to check email and get some work done. I need to reset my sleeping pattern, so good night, good morning, good bye.