I spent the later half of last week and all of the weekend in Tamale, Ghana, a city to the north of Accra. I was the guest of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Development Studies (UDS). After we met in Accra on Wednesday, he was gracious enough to fly me up to visit the university, get OCW setup there, and talk with the faculty and students. I flew in on Wednesday; it was a short trip (approximately 1.5 hours) and a small plane (48 seats). A representative from the UDS public relations office was there to take me to my hotel, which was very nice (makes very good scrambled eggs), and I met with the vice chancellor and a few staff members later that evening. UDS has multiple campuses/offices. On Thursday, all of the department heads gathered at the central administration building in Tamale for an academic board meeting. I just so happened to arrive in town in time for this meeting, presenting the unique opportunity to met with all of the department heads at once and not having to travel to each campus. So, I presented on OCW and the response was pretty positive. A lot of the faculty saw OCW as a resource to compare curricula and update their courses with fresh information, which is what we’re trying to accomplish with OCW. I spent the remainder of Thursday in the server room getting the mirror site up and running. Completing this task should have taken no more than 15 minutes, but ended up taking a couple of hours since I am not entirely familiar with certain aspects Linux; but, I got the site up, and its being used, so I’m happy. On Friday I traveled to Navrongo to visit on of the UDS campuses. I was able to present to about 50 faculty and students. There were very few questions at the end of the presentation, so I don’t know how much of an impact my talk had, but time will tell. After the presentation, I headed to…the Crocodile Pond!