Stuck in New York

Apparently lightning does strike twice. Are the stars out of alignment? Do I have some bad karma? Why can't I complete my trips without some crazy delay? Last time was Accra, now I'm stuck in New York.
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University of Development Studies

I spent the later half of last week and all of the weekend in Tamale, Ghana, a city to the north of Accra. I was the guest of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Development Studies (UDS). After we met in Accra on Wednesday, he was gracious enough to...
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Ghana Cribs

Check out my room. I was bored a couple of days ago, so I made a video and uploaded it to Google. IntroPart 2
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Day One: Into the Sewer

I've just spent my first night in Ghana. The flight over seemed endless. I have never had the patience to complete Sudoku puzzles, but after 10 hours I developed patience and worked through a couple in the Sky magazine on the plane. I also met a woman who owns an...
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Going to Ghana

Why is there a silent "feature" on my alarm clock? I was supposed to wake up at 4 AM this morning to catch a flight to NYC, but apparently there is a volume control on my alarm clock and it is turned completely down, so I woke up to many...
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