New Jersey State House

Michelle and I took a trip to New York and New Jersey in June to visit the capitols. We were fortunate to visit the New Jersey State House a few days before it closed for four years of renovations. The executive wing, as seen in the exterior photos, is first...
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Rhode Island State House

Michelle and I spent Patriot’s Day 2017—it’s a Massachusetts thing—traveling to Providence, Rhode Island and Hartford, Connecticut to visit the state capitols there. I’m excited to present the Rhode Island photos, especially those of the rotunda! The rotunda photos are both HDR, and do a wonderful job of showing the...
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Virginia State Capitol

Between work at edX and attempts to correct a messed up HDR panorama of the house chambers, it took way too long to publish these photos. However, here they are. I kinda want to return to Richmond to re-shoot these. I’m not happy with the rotunda shot, and I’d like...
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Pennsylvania State Capitol

I attended a conference Washington, D.C. about a month ago. Coincidentally, I visited D.C. around the exact same dates last year. This time, however, I took a couple side trips to the Pennsylvania and Virginia state capitols in Harrisburg and Richmond, respectively. You may recall that one of the items...
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