February 2008


A Spin and a Slide

I had to pickup food for a BSU meeting so I rented a car from Zipcar. I drove a Cooper MINI and I must say that is a cool car. As its name implies it’s a small car, but what it lacks in physical size it makes up for in...
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Blog Entries- Going to Ghana Day One: Into the Sewer Ghana Cribs University of Development Studies The Crocodile Pond Mole National Park Tamale Stuck in Ghana Stuck in New York
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Superbowl Flight

I was scheduled to leave Dallas at 8:35; however, someone must have complained to the right people because we didn’t take off until 9:30, after the Superbowl. Speaking of which, the Giants beat the Patriots! The saddest sight I have ever seen is the group of folks boarding my flight...
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Guns and Stars

I mentioned in a previous post that there were two parties to celebrate the beginning of the medical camp. There were problems with transportation after the second party. Originally, most of the volunteers had ridden together on the hospital’s bus; however, sometime during the party the bus returned to the...
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