I was in Dallas this past weekend and Monday and Tuesday. Unfortunately my flights to and from Dallas were delayed by the storms. I spent about 3 hours on Friday and Tuesday sitting on taxiways. On Friday there were no gates at which to disembark. Tuesday, we had to wait out a storm, which was pretty powerful - it rocked the plane for a good 2 minutes. Friday’s flight was supposed to get into Dallas around 8:20. It arrived around 11. Tuesday’s flight was supposed to land in Boston around 11:05. It landed around 1:20 Wednesday morning. One passenger on Friday’s flight said it best: Never fly on Friday the 13th. I finally got rid of that Xbox 360, thanks to my sister and half.com. Sorry if you missed out. Also, never carry an Xbox as a carry-on if you want it to remain un-opened. I watched in horror as a TSA official opened the box, and searched every single accessory. Here’s the funny part, she didn’t have a knife to cut the seal. I find it hard to believe that the agency whose job is to confiscate knives doesn’t have one of its own. Oh, the irony! Oh, yeah, don’t joke about them not having knives. I made that mistake. Here’s a transcript of the event: Clinton: That’s funny. You’d think you guys would have a knife since you confiscate them all day. TSA Lady: What? Clinton: You know, you collect knives from travelers. TSA Lady: Sir, do you have a knife. Is that what you’re saying? Clinton: Uh, no. TSA Lady: Would you like to speak with my supervisor, sir? We can have a talk about knives. Clinton: No. Here are my keys. You can use them to cut the seal. TSA Lady: (cuts Xbox seal) Clinton: (watches in disbelief as TSA Lady searches every single item) TSA Lady: Would you like to repack everything? Clinton: No, I think you had a good perspective of how everything was arranged. I’ll let you handle it. As bad as my flights were, still nothing compares to being stuck in Ghana for 2 days. It’s official. I will be working at HP in Boise, ID this summer. I had a great time at Texas Instruments, but I think now is a good time to diversify my experiences and try out a new city and job. Since Virginia Tech is in the news, people ask me about suicides at MIT. I don’t hear much about them, although we do have 2 students missing. One was kicked out of school for running a drug lab in the basement of his dorm. This kid was crazy. He waived his Miranda rights and admitted to bringing 5 grams of cocaine from Colombia. When the police searched his room they found marijuana and, among other things, multiple LITERS of LSD. You can read the story here. The other kid just hasn’t been seen for a week. Anyway, don’t worry about the poor, over-worked MIT kids. They don’t waste time killing others, just themselves. CB