April 2007


Elvis & Piano Drop

Now that I’m moving from Dallas for the summer, I finally get to face what most interns face: finding housing. In Dallas, it was easy; I stayed at my own home and drove my own car. Now, I have to deal with apartments and car rentals which is not that...
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Knife Flight

I was in Dallas this past weekend and Monday and Tuesday. Unfortunately my flights to and from Dallas were delayed by the storms. I spent about 3 hours on Friday and Tuesday sitting on taxiways. On Friday there were no gates at which to disembark. Tuesday, we had to wait...
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Randal Pinkett & Beltline

Randall Pinkett was here at MIT on Thursday. I received a signed copy of his book and a picture. The pictures are online here. Also, I forgot to mention that during spring break in Dallas, my brother got the crazy idea to travel the entirety of Beltline Road in Dallas....
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Spring Break

It has been nearly a whole month since I have written to this blog, and so much has occurred. Spring Break was great! I was at home in Dallas for a few days before flying back to Boston, then Columbus, Ohio for the 33rd Annual National Society of Black Engineers...
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