So, my earphones stopped working last week. It has happened before so I exchanged them. Well, the new ones had the same problem, only sooner. Never buy Philips-Nike earphones; they’re completely unreliable. I upgraded to the Shure E2c earphones. They’re pretty cool, but I could never use them for everyday use. They block out far to much sound too be safe for use when walking or biking along the streets. It’s almost like being deaf. I thought they blocked out everything up until a few minutes ago. Apparently they can’t block out drunk people. It seems some residents of my dorm decided to play a nerdy drinking game. They asked random science questions. Answer the question wrong, take a shot. It seems the loser of the game lives 2 doors down…what is that smell?…from me. There’s some weird powder smell. Anyways, I’m listening to music, wondering why am I hearing “know what I’m sayin’?” every few seconds. It turns out my MP3 player is not broken. There is however a drunk girl in my hallway talking loudly, every sentence ending with “know what I’m sayin’?” No! I don’t know what you’re saying. You don’t even know what you’re saying, know what I’m sayin’? I hate drunk people, especially when they ruin my already limited sleep. Other than that things are just peachy here at MIT. The lovely rain has come and melted away all of the equally lovely snow and ice. The only good news is that the air is warmer, but still no sun. I still hate my weekly schedule, but I am getting used to it. I no longer have a social life. I miss my car family.