For the past 13 hours, I have been locked in my room working. During this time, I have implemented a navigation system, providing turn-by-turn directions and designed a tag storage system. The navigation system works, but, even if it could be implemented, the tag system would definitely blow something up; it’s total crap, but pretty polished crap given the time in which it was designed. All I do is work; it’s horrible. My dorm purchased a Wii a couple of weeks ago. At home, I’ve play the game for 10 hours straight (I’m an addict). Here, I haven’t played for more than 30 minutes. By the way, I don’t like anyone in Texas right now. You think you’re so hot with your warm weather. College life sucks. I’ve gone from a convertible and warm weather to a traction-less bicycle and a blizzard. I woke up (late) this morning to see snow falling! Why? It’s not all that bad, but it’s just so depressing. It’s also funny since last week I saw folks ice skating on the soccer fields near my dorm, and skiing today (yesterday, Monday). Apparently everyone wants to give me a job. Texas Instruments is a given, of course, but Verizon and IBM are interested as well. I may visit IBM next week in Chicago. If not then, I may try to reschedule for a similar trip in Dallas in April. I think that’s all I have to say: I’m an involuntary (slave) workaholic, I miss my home and family (Don’t forget the car!). I don’t think anything I’ve written today has made any sense, this blog included, so I’ll stop and get some sleep.