Straightaway, here’s the good stuff:

Back to the chit-chat… The crocodile pond is located a short distance from the University of Development Studies’ Navrongo campus, so I simply had to stop by. It was pretty interesting to be so close to so many crocodiles, also pretty dangerous, but there were many people around to fend off any attacks. Once we paid the entrance fee, the handlers selected a crocodile for pictures and shooed the others away (Believe it, or not, simply saying “shoo” and poking the crocodile actually works, although I wouldn’t try it). Once they were gone, I was instructed to lift up the tail and take pictures. There was supposed to be some video, but the guy using my camera didn’t know how to use it properly; but, if you had seen the video, here’s what you would have seen: - Clinton and his driver looking smiling very nervously at the crocodile and each other, wondering which was going to move towards it first,

  • Clinton all alone with the crocodile as other crocodiles approached from the water behind (Again, I had a nervous little smile, as if smiling will actually keep the things from eating me.),
  • A live guinea fowl (small bird) being thrown into crocodiles mouth; crocodile chomping it down in about 3 bites.

That’s pretty much the highlight of that little adventure.