The move to California hasn’t been the smoothest one. There have been many ups and downs across nearly every aspect of my life. Photography has not been exempt from this. In the past eight months my camera has sat in a closet. It’s been a rough eight months!

That said, things are getting better and I’ve been doing some travel around the Bay Area. One of the reasons I wanted to move to California was, in fact, the beautiful scenery. This isn’t to say that New England is trash, but I am partial to warmth and sunshine. Yesterday, I visited the area near Point Bonita Lighthouse. The lighthouse itself was not open at the time of our trip, but the surroundings are gorgeous! I unwittingly visited just before golden hour, which greatly helped. I love the contrast of the golden hues and the ocean blue. The fog even helped improve a few shots…and made for some hazy shots of the San Francisco skyline (which I discarded).

I’m looking forward to more travel in the area, and sharing photos here. I need to put my national parks pass to more use!