My last shoot of 2014 was a collaboration with Tiffany Andrade. Tiffany and I worked together briefly–less than five minutes–at a Meetup shoot and decided to plan a full shoot. Our initial inspiration, as the name implies, consisted of numerous black and white photos that incorporated shadows into the composition. Once we started shooting, however, the shadow concept was pushed aside as we started on a stream of consciousness of sorts. The creative juices were really flowing for both of us!

After three hours, two locations, and one wardrobe change, we had a number of really great shots. That’s not just me gloating. Michelle, my girlfriend and editor, had a really tough time eliminating shots for this shoot. As a photographer, that’s what I like to hear!

Our makeup artist, Kate Frection, did a wonderful job and made my job of retouching pretty easy. Speaking of retouching, the only major work done on this set was skin softening using the frequency separation technique.

The wardrobe was created by Brooke Johnson. The white skirt was simply beautiful! You can see more of her work on her site.

The complete list of all involved is below. A huge thanks to them all for making such a great shoot possible!

  • Model: Tiffany Andrade
  • Makeup Artist: Kate Frection
  • Wardrobe Designer: Brooke Johnson
  • Assistant/Grip: Ronald German
  • Editor: Michelle Lessly