My quest to photograph and tour all 50 state capitols continues. This week I started with New Hampshire and Maine (which is not yet edited). While New Hampshire may hold title of the oldest congress, it is also home to the smallest capitol I have ever visited. There are only three photos below because that was pretty much it. That shiny gold dome on top? Not a real rotunda. We usually spend a couple hours touring the building, but this tour lasted all of 20 minutes!

Now that I am done harping on the size of the capitol, here are some interesting facts about the legislature and capitol:

  • The Senate is comprised of 24 members.
  • The House of Representatives is comprised of over 400 members!
  • Neither chamber has much sitting room.
  • The dome/rotunda were added decades after the original construction. Since the original roof was not designed to support the extra weight, renovations will be needed in the near future to avoid calamity.

And…that’s about it for New Hampshire.