Last night I attended the Women in Comedy Festival’s The Dress Up Show at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square. This was probably one of my hardest shoots. Was it the lighting? No, the lighting was great (most of the shots are at f/4 @ 1600 ISO). Was it the small room? Nope, I was able to move around freely without bothering anyone (Although, I did hit a waitress with my 70-200. Sorry, Natalie!). This shoot was hard because I kept cracking up at all of the great jokes!

You try taking a picture during a fit of laughter–it ain’t easy! In any case, shots from the evening are below. Here’s a list of the comediennes (and two comedians) so that you can keep up-to-date with their schedules and check out a show for yourself.

Finally, a big thanks to Maria Ciampa for the invitation and ticket!