New England Aquarium 2008

I have decided to go out at least once a month to events and attractions in Boston. Normally I spend my weekends watching movies, but I decided that I need to get out and do something so I canceled my Blockbuster Total Access plan. Last week I went to a Celtics game with my friend Diana (who is also from Dallas). Today I made my first visit to the New England Aquarium, but before going there we decided to eat some of seafood at Legal Sea Foods (hence the corny title of this entry). Among other creatures I saw piranha, electric eels, a goliath grouper, and turtles.

I had a great time and even learned a bit. To see my pictures, click the photo above. There is also a video: Seals at the New England Aquarium.

Another first for me came last week when I learned how to juggle! Unfortunately, I have no pictures (or video), but I can give you all a live demonstration of my (lack of) ability when I return to Dallas for spring break in a couple of weeks. While juggling I also got a crazy idea for a poster for our Senior Gift campaign. Did I mention that I sit on the Senior Gift Committee? The results can be seen in the linked photoset below. This week my crazy idea is a musical, but more on that later.

Senior Gift Posters

Finally, I have uploaded and linked my videos from India on my India page.