I had to pickup food for a BSU meeting so I rented a car from Zipcar. I drove a Cooper MINI and I must say that is a cool car. As its name implies it’s a small car, but what it lacks in physical size it makes up for in sheer fun and acceleration. By the way, BMW, makers of my wonderful 325, make the MINI. Long story short (or in this case just short story): Go take a spin in a MINI. In other news, I’ve done it again. Yesterday, I was riding my bicycle to class and as I was turning I rode over a sheet of ice and lost control. Fortunately I suffered no serious injury, only a scraped elbow and cuts in my jeans and gloves. I have now learned my lesson (because the other two instances had no effect) and am actually using the helmet that has sat on top of my bookshelf since the IronNerd race. At least my fall wasn’t as bad as this: