So I went boxing yesterday, but not with Rich Templeton. I saw an advertisement for a free workout session at a gym, Ring Boxing Club (, and decided to check it out. It was a great experience; I worked out for over an hour, and, of course, I’ve been in pain all of today. Of course, I can’t do anything without injuring myself, and yesterday was no different. I have worked my way down my hands a bit. If you’re keeping tabs, you’ll recall that in the past I have come close to breaking my thumb and wrist. This time I merely scraped my knuckles. Here’s a nice picture. It looks pretty bad, but doesn’t hurt too much. Back to Rich Templeton. He was on campus over a week ago. I finally got a semi-decent picture. Also, school has begun, unfortunately. This is definitely the semester from hell. My classes include:

Don’t be surprised if you don’t read any updates for the next 3 months. Updates just won’t be possible with 3 Course 6 classes and a ridiculous Philosophy class. It’s time like now that I wonder why I didn’t go to Rice or Texas Tech. They would have paid me to go there, it would have been much easier, and closer to home. I blame Mr. White.