Most of my images can be licensed. Send a message to, with the following information, and I will provide a quote:

  • Name or link to image(s) you wish to license
  • Intended use of the image(s)

For advertisements, I need these additional details:

  • Size of the reproduction
  • Nature of the publication
  • Geographical area where the promotion is being conducted
  • Duration of use
  • Exclusivity of the us

Creative Commons

Some of my work is available under various Creative Commons licenses which require attribution. Attribution must be provided in the manners specified below.


Deep down we all want to see our names in lights. I like to see mine in print beside an awesome photo! Please adhere to these guidelines when using any images. If you want to make changes, send me an email–I don’t bite and I’m not too stringent.

Name and website *Example:* Clinton Blackburn (
Name and **hyperlink** to website *Example:* Clinton Blackburn (<>) or [Clinton Blackburn](
Tag [Clinton Blackburn Photography]( *N.B.* You may have to tag the page the same way you would tag an actual person in the picture. In such cases, simply tag a corner.
Mention [@ccb621](
Tag/mention [@ccb621](


Send an email to