I ended 2014 and began 2015 continuing to visit state capitols and whittle down my bucket list. While visiting Dallas for Christmas I made a visit to Little Rock, Arkansas to tour and photograph the capitol. I was quite impressed by the white marble of the interior and the huge bronze doors (that are no longer used as a main entrance). Interesting fact about those doors: they are are hand-polished every week. Unfortunately, the legislative chambers were locked, so I have no photos of either.

After returning to Cambridge, Michelle and I made a day-trip to Augusta, Maine and Concord, New Hampshire. You can read about New Hampshire in my previous post. The experience at the Maine State House was pretty interesting. Not thinking, we started our self-guided tour around 4PM on a Friday. The building was pretty empty so we had free reign to photograph as much as we wanted. I just wish they had opted for cooler—color temperature, not heat discharge—interior lighting (or more windows, like New Hampshire)

Just as we were about to leave, we came across a door in the rotunda that we surmised lead to the top. I like to get the shots that few people have taken. We’d driven all this way, why not try to get a shot from atop the rotunda? If you ask, the worst response is, “no.” So I asked someone in the office of the speaker of the house. She directed me to the overnor’s office. The governor’s office directed me to the speaker of the house. Gah! Government at its best!

Finally, I was directed to Grant Pennoyer, Executive Director of Legislative Council, and guy with the keys to the mystery door that did indeed lead to the top of the rotunda! Thus I have some decent shots from the top of the rotunda. Thanks, Grant!

My next capitols will most likely be Olympia, Washington and Salem, Oregon. I hope to visit sometime in May or June.