Early this morning I set out to capture the Leonids meteor shower. As is the case with most solar events, I learned about the meteor shower late the day before. (At least it wasn’t the day after!) The shower was supposed to peak from about midnight until 3 or 4 AM. I rented a Zipcar and started at a location in Lexington. Unfortunately, there was too much light pollution; so, I drove a ways to Newburyport…where there was also light pollution. Too tired to drive any further, I setup my tripod and 5D Mark II in a large field. Unfortunately, I saw no meteors; but, I made the best of the situation and tried my hand at shooting star trails. The shots below are the results. They aren’t the best star trails I have seen, but I think it’s a worthy first effort. I’m looking forward to trying them again, once I find a decently dark location. (Anyone have an EMP?) If you, like me, want to know about meteor showers before they occur, visit https://stardate.org/nightsky/meteors. P.S. I also attended an excellent talk by one of the creators of the documentary Chasing Ice. If you want to see some amazing time-lapse photography (and star trails), check it out! After having seen both Chasing Ice and NightFall, I really want to shoot time-lapse. If you know of any good tutorials or sources for gear, send them my way.