I am back in Boston, after spending a week in Dallas. It was great to be back home and see all of my family and friends (I made a funny.). Here are some intercom quotes during my travels. Pilot, while taxiing from gate:

Folks, we have short flight from Philadelphia to Boston. If you’re a crack addict, it’ll be a short 45 minutes until your next fix.

Flight attendant, during safety briefing:> In the event of a water landing, don’t panic. Crying like a baby will not fix the plane.

Fortunately, I have been able to avoid run-ins with the TSA (despite multiple liquids in my bags), and I only experienced a couple of short delays. No more being stranded in foreign countries for me! That’s it for me. Life is good. I am exploring Boston on the weekends with my friend Toyya and we’re having a wonderful time roaming the city, playing the tourist role. You should try it.