I don’t know what y’all did for the break, but I had a blast! I came in on Monday night (3 hours late!) and got to see my niece. She wore a great shirt that said: I ♥ Uncle Clint! How cool is that? Thursday was pretty boring, normal Thanksgiving dinner. My brother and I caught a few deals on CompUSA that night. Friday was when the fun started! I was at BestBuy at 5:30 in the morning looking for a Nintendo Wii, but they didn’t have any, so I waited until 7 AM for GameStop to open. I had breakfast at McDonald’s but on the way I saw a guy in a cow suit dancing in front of Chik-fil-A at 5 AM! With breakfast done, I was at GameStop in Grand Prairie around 6:15. The lines were long, so I rushed down I-20 to Duncanville. At 6:40 I was #6 in line for 5 Wii’s. So, I rushed back to Oak Cliff. No line until I pull up, but luckily I was #3 for 4 Wii’s. I got it!! You may recall that my TV was stolen about a month ago. The insurance provided 2 options: a Sony CRT (worth $900) or $800. Well, my brother works for HP, so on Friday I had a nice new 37” HDTV delivered. It’s an LCD, but at least it’s not a Sony. I love it! You don’t know what you’re missing until you switch from regular TV to high definition. It’s simply beautiful! Although I had all these lovely toys waiting for me at home, I didn’t get to play them until later that night since we were out trying to find more sales, but the experience of playing the Wii on the new TV was well worth the wait. Wii Sports is great to play, a real workout. That’s just Friday. The fun continued on Saturday when I went to the driving range. My swing has gotten much better; I hit a very straight 225 yd. ball. Sunday I got the keys to a new (‘95) BMW 325Ci. For those of you unfamiliar with BMW model numbers/letters, the ‘C’ means convertible. Never mind that, this car is FAST! I’ve never driven a car that was so perfect. Great acceleration, great traction - it can eat any curve you throw at it. I love it! But wait, there’s more. On Monday, I rode out for a few hours with an officer from the Arlington Police Department. That was pretty cool. It was raining, so we responded to a nice 3 car accident. We took one of the guys involved to jail for a 29 (that’s an outstanding warrant). While driving to the station, he talked about his energy conservation business; he goes into homes and upgrades insulation, windows, etc. I think he may have a few new Arlington PD customers when he gets out. While at the jail I had to wait in the evidence room where I observed a few guns being fingerprinted and a narcotics officer testing methamphetamines. After leaving the jail, we picked up donuts! (What cop doesn’t eat donuts?) The next call was to an apartment complex so we sped there. This is a long story with a LOT of characters. The main ones are the dad (age 40), the girlfriend (age 20 - what!?), the daughter (age 14). The dad has 8 kids by different women and they’re all named De-something (DeMichael, DeMeisha, DeMyla, it’s just de-stupid!); there were 9 people living in the girlfriend’s 2 bedroom apartment. The dad was at work. The girlfriend did something to make the daughter mad, so the daughter pulls a knife on her. There was no harm done, but the daughter went to jail since she pulled a knife. We asked the daughter about her mom; apparently she can’t live with her mom because the mom is “abursive (sic).” That was the last call since I had to get back home for dinner, but it was pretty fun to ride out and see how crazy folks are. I spent the rest of the night playing the Wii since I left it at home, and that was my break. Summary New stuff:

  • Nintendo Wii
  • HP 37” HDTV
  • 1995 BMW 325Ci
  • Citizen Eco-drive watch (I’ve been wanting one of these watches since they debuted.)

Experiences: - Arlington PD ride-out

  • My crazy sister, Dorsha
    • Woman (returning phone at Radio Shack): It has too many rebates, I don’t want to fill them out.
    • Dorsha: You may not want to fill them out, but I will.
  • Racing to Best Buy before church on Sunday morning in the Tahoe at 90 mph
  • Racing from church to no place in particular on Sunday afternoon in the BMW at 90 mph

I wonder what Christmas is going to be like.