Francy at 1

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Remember Francy? She’s now a one-year-old and, to celebrate, she and her family stopped by for a photoshoot! We started out with a few shots on a seamless white backdrop before going outside for a few shots at the park. Finally, we simply let Francy play in the window sill, doing what babies do and… Read more »

Kyruus Executives

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If you haven’t already realized, photography is not my full-time job. No, I am a software engineer at Boston-based startup Kyruus. The thing I love about startups is that I get to wear many hats. Sure, I am officially a software engineer; but, sometimes I moonlight as a designer. Last week I got to play the… Read more »


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Last November I shot a show at Middle East featuring a number of acts. Canary stood out. The song selection and vocals of lead singer Naomi Gillies made for an awesome set! If you’re in town, check out a show. In the meantime enjoy a few pictures from the show.

Makeup by Anya

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Yesterday, I worked with Anya on a set of makeup shoots. You may remember Anya from an earlier shoot at Castle Island. This time she was working as a makeup artist and four of her friends–Stacey, Elizabeth, Mia, and Shelly–stood in as models. Since the goal of this shoot was to produce shots that showed… Read more »

Leonids and Star Trails

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Early this morning I set out to capture the Leonids meteor shower. As is the case with most solar events, I learned about the meteor shower late the day before. (At least it wasn’t the day after!) The shower was supposed to peak from about midnight until 3 or 4 AM. I rented a Zipcar… Read more »

Red Bull Cliff Diving

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It only took me two and a half months, but I finally finished editing photos from Red Bull Cliff Diving. Why the delay? I simply got busy with other aspects of my life and never had the time to sit down and composite the shots as I envisioned: composites showing the divers throughout the duration… Read more »

Kristin & Jamon

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I had the pleasure of photographing my friends, and fellow MIT alumni, Kristin and Jamon. They have been together since meeting at our dorm, New House. It was great to catch up and joke with them throughout the shoot which, being at MIT, got nerdy at times.

Cirque du Soleil: Les Chemins Invisibles

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I traveled to Quebec City this past weekend and stumbled upon the final showing of Cirque du Soleil’s Les Chemins Invisibles [The Invisible Paths]. To my astonishment and joy there was no one at the entrance checking bags or denying admission to folks with “professional” cameras. I have wanted to shoot a Cirque du Soleil show ever… Read more »

Headshots and Insights from Peter Hurley

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During my flight from Boston to Los Angeles for my recent trip, I watched Peter Hurley’s tutorial entitled The Basic Headshot. It’s not your quick 5 minute YouTube video; Peter spends about two hours sharing the insights that lead to his great headshots (and allow him to charge $1100 for a shoot!). He pretty much… Read more »