Meetup Shoot #3

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My Meetup group hosted a shoot last week where I had the chance to work with four wonderful models and chat with a few fellow photographers. We ended up shooting in Boston around the Copley Square area. All told, this wasn’t a bad way to spend a Saturday. I especially enjoyed shooting the punk series…. Read more »

2013 July 4th Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular

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Here are a few shots from tonight’s July 4th Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular. For those wondering, I shot with a Promaster variable neutral density (ND) filter. This allowed for long exposures (6-25s) with wide apertures (f/4-5.6). Since the filter is variable and the show only lasted a half hour, I didn’t have time to take note… Read more »

Brittney & Preston’s Engagement

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My cousin, Preston, popped the question to his girlfriend, Brittney, earlier this year; so, while I was visiting Dallas, we did an engagement shoot. The shoot happened to coincide with the conclusion of a visit to a museum with my siblings and nieces, thus it was a family affair! Emma, my oldest–7 years old–niece was… Read more »

Michelle in NYC

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This past weekend Michelle and I visited New York City for her birthday. How she managed to survive thirty years without having visited NYC is beyond me. We had a wonderful time exploring Manhattan and managed to navigate through Times Square, check out Grand Central Terminal, Central Park, The Met, Empire State Building…and Macy’s. I… Read more »

Vacation in Los Angeles

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I recently returned from a weeklong vacation–my first in a few years–to Los Angeles. I had a wonderful time seeing old friends and meeting new ones and, of course, taking pictures. In addition to LA, I made an unplanned side-trip to Las Vegas to catch O by Cirque du Soleil and a side-side-trip to Hoover Dam!… Read more »

BNMI: Memory & Reflection

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I once again had the pleasure of shooting a show for the Boston New Music Initiative. Last night’s concert, Memory & Reflection, took place at the Longy School of Music and was another hit show!

Smart Tan Magazine

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About two months ago, I received a call from Rachel Losordo asking if I could do a photoshoot for her that same weekend. The shoot was for the cover of Smart Tan magazine and I gladly accepted. While I have no interest in tanning (mine is natural), I do enjoy paid shoots–even more so when… Read more »