Meetup: Urban Edge

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A few weeks ago I helped organize a Meetup shoot. Sadly I spent more time organizing and helping other photographers than I did getting my own shots. The 13 shots below are the only evidence I have of a 3 hour event! They were all captured in the last 10 minutes. Regardless, it was a pleasure meeting new… Read more »

Oklahoma City National Memorial

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In addition to the state capitol, I also visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial while in OKC. A few shots are below. I didn’t spend much time here, so I don’t have much to write. If you’d like to learn more, visit

The Dame and the Detective

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I did a shoot over a month ago a fellow photographer, Joey Phoenix, actor Matt Wolf, and makeup artist Ariana Leigh. We knew we wanted to do a noir shoot and had a few shots in mind, but were winging it for the most part. We ended up shooting at the Porter Room on MIT’s campus…which… Read more »

2014 Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular

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The fireworks came early for us here in Boston due to rain from hurricane Arthur. Unfortunately I was a bit late arriving to the show and without my tripod. Fortunately I was still able to get a few great shots by resting the camera on my backpack. Most of the shots below were exposed anywhere between 8… Read more »


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Michelle and I took a trip to Montreal. This was her first time visiting the city and my third. I must admit the trip was bittersweet as it marked my first time in Montreal without seeing my good friend Alexia (who now lives on another continent). I was reminded of her almost constantly as Michelle and… Read more »

Vermont State House

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Update (2016-01-29): The set below now includes new photos from a more recent trip. We finally went inside! I visited Montreal this past weekend and dropped by Montpelier on the way back. It’s so…tiny! I almost could not believe it was a capital city. It’s a modern day Mayberry! Coincidentally the relative small size of the state house… Read more »

WICF 2014

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The sixth annual Women in Comedy Festival took place earlier this month, and it was riot as usual. Michelle and I enjoyed the shows we attended. Even better, we got to dine with Maria Bamford, Bethan Van Delft, and Jackie Kashian after Thursday’s show. What a funny bunch! If you haven’t already, check out Jackie Kashian’s The Dork… Read more »

Camelopardalid Meteor Shower

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Late last night we drove from Dallas to Denison, Texas to view the Camelopardalid meteor shower. Early Saturday morning (1-3 AM CDT) would mark the first occurrence of this event and some observers predicted as many as 100 shooting stars per hour. Unfortunately, the predictions were wrong; we only saw about three in the two hours… Read more »