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I saw the film Loving last month, and was inspired to recreate one of Grey Villet’s shots for LIFE. I also made a donation to the ACLU, which I encourage you to do, too. Enjoy!

MassRealty Article

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The good folks at MassRealty contacted me a few weeks ago about writing an article on my business. Take a look! http://www.massrealty.com/articles/clinton-blackburn-photography-specializing-in-headshots-portrait-photography  

State Capitols: Oregon and Washington

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So…I took a trip to the Pacific Northwest, and completely forgot to post the photos! That trip was in May 2015! Nevertheless, here are photos of the two capitols I visited—Olympia, Washington and Salem, Oregon. Salem was unique because it marked my first viewing a legislative session.   Olympia, Washington Salem, Oregon

Lunar Eclipse + Supermoon

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I have been an absentee blogger. As other aspects of my life have taken priority, photography has been pushed to the back burner. I still do a couple headshots each month; but, I’m not as active as I once was. Fortunately, that’s changing. I have a few projects in the works that I will share soon! However, before… Read more »

Prepping for the Lunar Eclipse and Supermoon

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Sunday night will mark the first time in 33 years that a lunar eclipse will coincide with a supermoon. I’m hoping the sky isn’t so cloudy as to block the view of the moon. I enjoy astrophotography, although I don’t shoot enough to warrant buying a telescope and adapter. Getting such gear on short notice is pretty… Read more »

Washington, D.C. and Maryland

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I visited Washington, D.C. during the first weekend of April to see the beginning of the Cherry Blossom Festival and take in the sites of our nation’s capitol. There weren’t many cherry blossoms, but there were a lot of sites, all offering wonderful photographic opportunities. Sites in D.C. included the Library of Congress, Supreme Court… Read more »

Final Shoot with Lilly

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My acroyoga partner and occasional model, Lilly, is leaving Boston. Before she left, however, we got in one final shoot at Cambridge Center Roof Garden. I’ll miss you, Lilly!

More Capitols: Arkansas and Maine

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I ended 2014 and began 2015 continuing to visit state capitols and whittle down my bucket list. While visiting Dallas for Christmas I made a visit to Little Rock, Arkansas to tour and photograph the capitol. I was quite impressed by the white marble of the interior and the huge bronze doors (that are no longer used as… Read more »

The Remains of 2014

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I have a few sets of photos from 2014 to share, and I figured I’d share them all in a single post rather than multiple tiny posts. While home in Dallas for the holidays my family took a short road trip to Tyler, Texas to visit the Caldwell Zoo. This was my first time visiting the zoo in… Read more »

Shadow Play

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My last shoot of 2014 was a collaboration with Tiffany Andrade. Tiffany and I worked together briefly–less than five minutes–at a Meetup shoot and decided to plan a full shoot. Our initial inspiration, as the name implies, consisted of numerous black and white photos that incorporated shadows into the composition. Once we started shooting, however, the shadow concept was pushed… Read more »