Thanksgiving Break was GREAT!!!

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I don’t know what y’all did for the break, but I had a blast! I came in on Monday night (3 hours late!) and got to see my niece. She wore a great shirt that said: I ♥ Uncle Clint! How cool is that? Thursday was pretty boring, normal Thanksgiving dinner. My brother and I… Read more »

Kick Boxing

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I just returned from kick boxing. I wasn’t really expecting much, maybe some sparring, nothing too intense. I was WRONG! The instructor ran late, so he jogs in, throws his bag in a corner, and immediately has us doing jumping jacks; jumping jacks and a push-up; next jumping jacks, a push-up with a clap, followed by… Read more »

NSBE is on FIRE!!!

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I attended NSBE’s Fall Regional Conference in Buffalo, NY this weekend and I must say I had a great time! Ourchapter won 1st and 3rd (unofficially) place in the Academic Tech Bowl (ATB) events; our two teams were Hustle and Flow. Hustle, unfortunately, was bustled by Columbia in the semi-finals, but the Flow was just… Read more »

Travel & Injury Update

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So, I haven’t written here in a long time, so I figured I would reactivate the blog. I’ll start with an update of my travels and injuries. Injuries Right wrist: still experiencing some pain from the bicycle fall a few weeks ago. Right elbow: dodge ball injury from 2 weeks ago; I dove for a… Read more »