The Crocodile Pond

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Straightaway, here’s the good stuff: “Crikey!”: A short video Photo Album Back to the chit-chat… The crocodile pond is located a short distance from the University of Development Studies’ Navrongo campus, so I simply had to stop by. It was pretty interesting to be so close to so many crocodiles, also pretty dangerous, but there… Read more »

University of Development Studies

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I spent the later half of last week and all of the weekend in Tamale, Ghana, a city to the north of Accra. I was the guest of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Development Studies (UDS). After we met in Accra on Wednesday, he was gracious enough to fly me up to visit the university, get OCW setup there, and talk with the faculty and students.

Day One: Into the Sewer

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I’ve just spent my first night in Ghana. The flight over seemed endless. I have never had the patience to complete Sudoku puzzles, but after 10 hours I developed patience and worked through a couple in the Sky magazine on the plane. I also met a woman who owns an art studio (she designs a lot of furniture) in Accra who suggested a few places to visit.

Going to Ghana

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Why is there a silent “feature” on my alarm clock? I was supposed to wake up at 4 AM this morning to catch a flight to NYC, but apparently there is a volume control on my alarm clock and it is turned completely down, so I woke up to many phones ringing as my brother was waiting in the driveway around 4:45 AM.

Thanksgiving Break was GREAT!!!

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I don’t know what y’all did for the break, but I had a blast! I came in on Monday night (3 hours late!) and got to see my niece. She wore a great shirt that said: I ♥ Uncle Clint! How cool is that? Thursday was pretty boring, normal Thanksgiving dinner. My brother and I… Read more »

Kick Boxing

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I just returned from kick boxing. I wasn’t really expecting much, maybe some sparring, nothing too intense. I was WRONG! The instructor ran late, so he jogs in, throws his bag in a corner, and immediately has us doing jumping jacks; jumping jacks and a push-up; next jumping jacks, a push-up with a clap, followed by… Read more »

NSBE is on FIRE!!!

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I attended NSBE’s Fall Regional Conference in Buffalo, NY this weekend and I must say I had a great time! Ourchapter won 1st and 3rd (unofficially) place in the Academic Tech Bowl (ATB) events; our two teams were Hustle and Flow. Hustle, unfortunately, was bustled by Columbia in the semi-finals, but the Flow was just… Read more »

Travel & Injury Update

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So, I haven’t written here in a long time, so I figured I would reactivate the blog. I’ll start with an update of my travels and injuries. Injuries Right wrist: still experiencing some pain from the bicycle fall a few weeks ago. Right elbow: dodge ball injury from 2 weeks ago; I dove for a… Read more »