Randal Pinkett & Beltline

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Randall Pinkett was here at MIT on Thursday. I received a signed copy of his book and a picture. The pictures are online here. Also, I forgot to mention that during spring break in Dallas, my brother got the crazy idea to travel the entirety of Beltline Road in Dallas. It’s really long trip (3… Read more »

Spring Break

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It has been nearly a whole month since I have written to this blog, and so much has occurred. Spring Break was great! I was at home in Dallas for a few days before flying back to Boston, then Columbus, Ohio for the 33rd Annual National Society of Black Engineers National Convention. This was my… Read more »

I Hate Drunk People

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So, my earphones stopped working last week. It has happened before so I exchanged them. Well, the new ones had the same problem, only sooner. Never buy Philips-Nike earphones; they’re completely unreliable. I upgraded to the Shure E2c earphones. They’re pretty cool, but I could never use them for everyday use. They block out far… Read more »


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I visited the USS John F. Kennedy on Saturday. “Big John,” as its called, is one of the last non-nuclear aircraft carriers to be decommissioned. It sailed into Boston as part of its farewell tour. I knew aircraft carriers were big, but I never knew how big. Big John can house over 75 aircraft and… Read more »

This semester sucks!

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For the past 13 hours, I have been locked in my room working. During this time, I have implemented a navigation system, providing turn-by-turn directions and designed a tag storage system. The navigation system works, but, even if it could be implemented, the tag system would definitely blow something up; it’s total crap, but pretty… Read more »

Boxing with Rich Templeton

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So I went boxing yesterday, but not with Rich Templeton. I saw an advertisement for a free workout session at a gym, Ring Boxing Club (http://www.ringboxingclub.com/), and decided to check it out. It was a great experience; I worked out for over an hour, and, of course, I’ve been in pain all of today. Of… Read more »

Stuck in New York

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Apparently lightning does strike twice. Are the stars out of alignment? Do I have some bad karma? Why can’t I complete my trips without some crazy delay? Last time was Accra, now I’m stuck in New York.

Stuck in Ghana

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Unfortunately, my flight home has been delayed until Sunday. I arrived at the airport around 08:00 for my 09:45 flight today and I was turned away by airport security. The Delta supervisor on duty would not even listen to me long enough to hear me out. I was not the only person mistreated by Delta,… Read more »


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So, I have pictures of Tamale posted. No video this time. Like the rest of Ghana, there is a could of dust over Tamale, that blocks the sun and blends in with any clouds that might be in the sky. Consequently, the temperature is quite nice, and I don’t have to worry about staying in… Read more »

Mole National Park

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On Saturday, I woke up early to head to Mole National Park. I was promised that I would see lions, tigers, and elephants, but I only saw elephants (3 of them), antelope, a few baboons, and wild hogs. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. There really isn’t much to say about this… Read more »