Seafood then See Food

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I have decided to go out at least once a month to events and attractions in Boston. Normally I spend my weekends watching movies, but I decided that I need to get out and do something so I canceled my Blockbuster Total Access plan. Last week I went to a Celtics game with my friend… Read more »

A Spin and a Slide

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I had to pickup food for a BSU meeting so I rented a car from Zipcar. I drove a Cooper MINI and I must say that is a cool car. As its name implies it’s a small car, but what it lacks in physical size it makes up for in sheer fun and acceleration. By… Read more »


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News That’s Difficult to Digest

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Here is another picture from India taken by my friend Samara. We were heading from Ahmedabad to Jodhpur and decided to try the lunch offered on the train. It was only 30 rupees, but I ended up with a bit more than I paid for. The newspaper clipping mentioned something about Thailand, but I couldn’t… Read more »

Superbowl Flight

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I was scheduled to leave Dallas at 8:35; however, someone must have complained to the right people because we didn’t take off until 9:30, after the Superbowl. Speaking of which, the Giants beat the Patriots! The saddest sight I have ever seen is the group of folks boarding my flight back to Boston. Although, the… Read more »

Guns and Stars

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I mentioned in a previous post that there were two parties to celebrate the beginning of the medical camp. There were problems with transportation after the second party. Originally, most of the volunteers had ridden together on the hospital’s bus; however, sometime during the party the bus returned to the hospital. So when the volunteers… Read more »

Back from India

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Visiting India was a great experience. Not only did I get to contribute to a great project, but I met some great people and saw some great sights. I had planned to make multiple blog updates throughout my stay, but I did not have Internet access. So I will try to condense everything to a single entry. I’ll just start from the beginning.


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For the past two years I have spent IAP in Africa. This time around I’ll be hanging out in India. I joined a team of students that is traveling to Bhuj to study a health clinic and determine what we can do to improve operations at the clinic and also to take lessons learned from… Read more »