Walking at Night

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Tonight I was walking to the grocery store when I noticed a young woman crossing the street toward me. There was a large amount of snowfall on Monday, so the sidewalks were bordered by snow banks. Anticipating that she was going to hop over a snow bank, I instinctively held out my hand to help… Read more »

New Beginnings

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I am back from Ghana. You can find pictures on Flickr. I had a great time and especially enjoyed meeting the D-Lab community partners and working in the villages. Once again I was pointed out as the IT guru and helped out with a few computer issues. The administrator of the Methodist Hospital in Wenchi… Read more »

All Done

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This has been an amazing semester. I have enjoyed my selection of classes, worked on some amazing projects, and had a wonderful time doing it all. A few months ago, I never thought I would make the following statement: I am going to miss this place. I will miss the great residents of Sidney Pacific… Read more »

I Got Hit by a Car

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It’s time for my annual injury update. Today I was hit by a car. I’m okay, although my my right leg hurts. Most importantly, my laptop and cell phone survived. The only casualty was the yogurt in my backpack and the windshield of the Saturn that hit me. Besides being hit by a car, I… Read more »


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I just realized that no one knows what I am doing these days. Before the pumpkin carving post, my last writing was toward the end of last semester. Many months have passed with no updates. Well, let’s fix that. This summer I returned to DLP at Texas Instruments where I worked on firmware. I once… Read more »

Pumpkin Carving

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Yesterday, I carved pumpkins with folks from my dorm (Sidney-Pacific). Here are the results… I have a few favorites: Obama Pumpkin, Lion King, Drunken Pumpkin, and my own “Don’t Cut Me!”. A couple of weeks ago I also participated in our Hall Olympics Competition. My hall is currently 4th in the rankings; however, we are… Read more »

Senior Ball

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I went, I saw, I left. That pretty much describes my experience at Senior Ball. Basically it was just a bunch of my classmates standing around dancing, drinking, and talking. I can’t believe I paid $30 for that (on top of the $120 tuxedo rental). Perhaps I am an anomaly in my generation: drinking (you’ll… Read more »

IronNerd II

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I am back in my dorm room recovering after completing the IronNerd for a second consecutive year. The event was similar to last year; although, my performance was a bit worse: I was nearly 2 minutes slower this year than last. To be fair, it was much colder and raining this year, while last year… Read more »

Cadbury Commercials

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While perousing the web, If found the following: Update: Gorilla remixes can be found at http://www.aglassandahalffullproductions.com/html/gorilla.html. Cadbury Trucks Commercial My favorite, of course, is the gorilla jamming to Phil Collins. Lest, we forget:

Greetings from the Flight Deck

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I am back in Boston, after spending a week in Dallas. It was great to be back home and see all of my family and friends (I made a funny.). Here are some intercom quotes during my travels. Pilot, while taxiing from gate: Folks, we have short flight from Philadelphia to Boston. If you’re a… Read more »