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I was hanging out with my friend Wyliena this evening and we started discussing photography. I snapped a few shots and we discussed the Exposure Triangle before she took the camera and started snapping a few shots of her own. You can find more shots on Flickr.

Zoe & Noble

Zoe & Noble’s Wedding

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Rochelle’s sister, Zoe, was married this past Saturday. Rochelle was maid of honor which left me with nothing to do before the ceremony. So I struck up a conversation with the hired photographer, Peter Bang, who let me join him as an unofficial third shooter. As I have delved more into the world of photography… Read more »

I Can Fly

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Rochelle and I, along with my friend from MIT–Wendy, attended trapeze school yesterday and had a blast! Trapeze School New York has a school in the Boston area so we decided to check it out. Flying trapeze really is not that difficult so the teachers did not spend too much time going over topics on… Read more »

Adventures, Photography, and…

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Adventures A lot has taken place in the seven months since my last post. This summer I hiked, went whitewater rafting, kayaked, finally saw Independence Day fireworks in Boston on the Charles River after living here for six years, and visited Canada. Pictures from a few of these adventures are linked below: Toronto Independence Day… Read more »

Recent Fun

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It has been quite some time since I have written here. I have returned to relay news of my many exciting adventures. Cooking Class Today I attended the first session of my Techniques of Baking class at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts where I learned to make pâte à choux a pastry dough used… Read more »

Rhode Island

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I visited Rhode Island for the first time on Saturday. A friend from MIT, Toyya, was camping at Burlingame State Park and I joined her and others for the day, hanging out at the beach. After lunch, while others were napping, I decided to drive up to Providence, which I had passed through on my… Read more »

Fun with Photography

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I bought a new camera a little over a month ago. It’s the entry-level DSLR from Cannon, the 500D/Rebel T1i. I’ve had a great time taking pictures of friends at various events and outings over the past month. Tom Ang’s book, Fundatmentals of Photography, has been a great reference manual. I actually read the entire… Read more »

State of Clinton

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I live! I have been quite busy and I’m here to tell you all about my wonderful experiences. Graduation It’s official! As of February 3, 2009 I am an MIT alum. I attended commencement ceremonies on June 5 and picked up my degree which is now somewhere in Dallas with my dad, forever waiting to… Read more »

A Good Week

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Last week proved to be quite exciting. I attended my first Red Sox game! On Wednesday a friend called with an extra ticket; and, having nothing else to do, I went on a whim. I had a fun time hanging out with folks from MIT. I was surprised to see how small Fenway Park is…. Read more »