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Michelle and I spent the week after Thanksgiving in Honolulu, Hawaii. This marked our first visit to the islands and, despite being married for nearly two years, our honeymoon. We looked forward to this vacation since moving to the Bay Area two years ago. I earned my scuba certification well in advance of the trip…. Read more »

Point Bonita

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The move to California hasn’t been the smoothest one. There have been many ups and downs across nearly every aspect of my life. Photography has not been exempt from this. In the past eight months my camera has sat in a closet. It’s been a rough eight months! That said, things are getting better and I’ve… Read more »

Louisiana State Capitol

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They took almost a year to finish editing—due to life, not difficulty of editing—but I can finally share my photos of the Louisiana State Capitol. I am not a fan of the tower layout. The legislative chambers are filled with marble, and are quite grand, as is the lobby. However, the giant office tower exterior… Read more »

Solar Eclipse 2017

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Last week I visited South Carolina to photograph the solar eclipse. In a word, it was: EPIC! The photos speak for themselves, but the process of capturing them is also exciting. My family planned the trip to Charleston about two months ago at which point I began seeking out tutorials for photographing the eclipse. I… Read more »

Rhode Island State House

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Michelle and I spent Patriot’s Day 2017—it’s a Massachusetts thing—traveling to Providence, Rhode Island and Hartford, Connecticut to visit the state capitols there. I’m excited to present the Rhode Island photos, especially those of the rotunda! The rotunda photos are both HDR, and do a wonderful job of showing the details of the murals and… Read more »

Virginia State Capitol

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Between work at edX and attempts to correct a messed up HDR panorama of the house chambers, it took way too long to publish these photos. However, here they are. I kinda want to return to Richmond to re-shoot these. I’m not happy with the rotunda shot, and I’d like to find a better vantage point to shoot the… Read more »

Pennsylvania State Capitol

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I attended a conference Washington, D.C. about a month ago. Coincidently, I visited D.C. around the exact same dates last year. This time, however, I took a couple side trips to the Pennsylvania and Virginia state capitols in Harrisburg and Richmond, respectively. You may recall that one of the items on my bucket list is to visit all… Read more »